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A 21st Century Education

Our focus is to ensure that Albany Junior High School provides our students with a 21st Century education emphasising traditional literacy and numeracy skills while fostering innovation. Our new school provided us with a great opportunity to deliver positive education outcomes for our children. Our year 7 to 10 model, combined with the modern buildings designed to incorporate technology, means our children have every advantage.

We have successfully provided an Enriched Learning Environment for our children to achieve academically. Our students consistently attain above the national average, our Performing Arts are strongly supported with many students taking musical instruction and there is strong participation and success also in the sports arena.

We have had two excellent ERO reports; during the establishment phase of Albany Junior High School and in our second year; both reports are available to be viewed on the MOE website.

The extremely positive support we have received from students, parents, staff and our local community since Albany Junior High School opened has been wonderful. We encourage you to all become involved in the school through the Parents’ Forum, sports and cultural activities and the Board of Trustees. We look forward to working with you to ensure your child’s experiences at Albany Junior High School help them to be the best they can be.

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Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes 2019

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Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes 2018

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28/11/2018    Minutes


Annual Report

Board of Trustees members:

We are pleased to announce the newly elected members to AJHS Board of Trustees.

We would like to thank all election nominees and previous Board members.

New Board Members

Stuart Tabuteau

Lisa Lumsden (Staff representative)

Fran Dowson (re-elected)

Lisa Compton (re-elected)


The AJHS Board of Trustees are now as follows:

Jeff Stangl (Board Chair)

Stephen Kendall-Jones (Principal)

Cristina Casey

Lisa Compton

Fran Dowson

Lisa Lumsden (Staff representative)

Trish Ripi

Stuart Tabuteau