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One of the greatest benefits of learning a language is the extended appreciation and understanding of diversity, locally, nationally and globally. We aim to give all students at AJHS the opportunity to learn foreign languages and enhance their communication skills, making links to the world around them.

Japanese, French, Mandarin and Spanish at AJHS

Spanish, French, Mandarin and Japanese are taught at all levels at AJHS using the communicative approach, which focuses on students having the ability to communicate with other people. Teachers use an inquiry based approach to teaching and a variety of ICT strategies are integrated throughout all year levels.

In year 7 and 8, students chose a langauge. The students have a 13 week course each year to introduce them to the language and culture. They learn how to have basic conversations with others and describe themselves and the world around them. They are able to say what they like and dislike. In Japanese, all students will learn to recognize the first 46 hiragana and the kanji numbers over this time.

In year 9 and 10, students have the option to take Spanish, French, Mandarin or Japanese as a full year course. In these languages, students will learn to speak about their family, school, community, adolescence, and make comparisons and contrasts of New Zealand and  their chosen languages communities. In Japanese, Year 9 students will also learn to read and write hiragana and in Year 10 they will expand on their skills to learn to read and write the katakana and some basic kanji.

Students who choose to take Spanish, French, Mandarin or Japanese often carry on studying it at Year 11 NCEA level 1. All languages are subjects that can be studied up to Year 13 and can also be taken at University where it can be studied as a degree or as part of a degree.

Education Outside the Classroom

  • ASB Polyfest
  • The annual Bunkasai Programme at the Auckland Museum
  • Restaurant Trips
  • International Languages Week