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Social Science

Social Science Social Science Social Science

At AJHS Social Sciences includes the subjects of Social Studies, History, Geography, Economics and Enterprise Studies. All students take Social Studies from Years 7 to 10, with the other subjects being offered as options at Year 9 and 10.

Students are involved in designing the curriculum, choosing topics, evaluating units of work, taking part in education outside the classroom, and at Year 10 preparing for NCEA.

There is a wealth of opportunities for students in the Social Sciences including:

  • Field trips – both day long and a 4 day History Camp to Rotorua
  • Competitions – for ANZAC Day, current events quiz, and outside competitions through organisations such as UNESCO
  • Market Day – to build up and operate your own business, earning your own money
  • BP Challenge – as a group initiate a solution to a community problem

As our students take part in a rapidly changing world they will require more and more the transferable skills that Social Science subjects offer them. Students learn a range of skills across our subjects including:

  • Formal writing including essays
  • Working cooperatively with friends and with new students
  • Time Management and study skills
  • Literacy and Numeracy skills such as graphing, analysis and reading for understanding