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Read what our International Students say about us

Rex Jose (Philippines)

Hi, I'm Rex. I’m 14 years old from I locos Norte, in the Philippines. I’m so proud to be studying at Albany Junior High School. This is my first year at AJHS and I have made a lot of friends and done a lot of interesting subject like Human Biology, Spanish and Environmental Science. I love spending time with my Filipino friends as well as my kiwi friends and sharing stories about their lives here in NZ. I love the different opportunities here in AJHS. AJHS has a clean and safe environment for kids to be in. Everyone is safe here in AJHS and I would love you to come here and feel what it’s like to be in a safe school and have many great opportunities. (2009)

Kevin Pontolaeng (Indonesia)

I like the way that we learn at AJHS. In this school everything is not really complicate, especially for people who come to NZ from different countries. This school uses a special learning way for students that don’t really know English, so this school will be a good school to go to in NZ.

Misato Tanaka (Japan)

Hi, my name is Misato Tanaka and I come from Osaka, Japan, and I've been this school for almost 2 and half years.

AJHS has a great teachers and great students. Teachers are so helpful and always give you a hand. Students are friendly that you can make lots of friends.

Also AJHS has a great range of option subjects that you can choose. It is also a good opportunity to try sports and music at AJHS. (2012)

 Misato Tanaka (Year 10, Japan) English Poem

Yeonjae Oh (Korea)

Hi, my name is Marsha Oh. I'm from South Korea, and I've been studying in NZ for about ten months. First of all, I’d like to exaggerate the fact that my school life in Albany Junior High School was terrific. AJHS has lots of subjects/options which majority of students won’t be able to experience in South Korea at our age such as Human Biology, Technologies (Fabric, Food, Robotics, etc...), Small Animals, etc...

It was real fun studying here. I was a little afraid when I first came to school, but the teachers and the Peer Supporters helped me lots. The students here are very friendly, and helpful especially, my friends. Even though we got four different buildings, 18 of us, all from different buildings are closer than our classmates. AJHS is full of good opportunities to learn and experience various types of education.

If I ever have a chance to come back, I'd love to study in AJHS once again. Missing my friends, teachers and AJHS. (2011)

Franck Lardeux (France)

Hello, I’m Franck, come from France.

I want to compare this school with my previous school in France. In France, I have lots of homework and work, school starts at 8:00am and finishes at 4:35pm. We cannot move around the class in the class time. In NZ, we don’t have too much homework. The school starts 9:00am and finishes at 3:15pm. We can stand and go drink etc in class time. The work is not too hard.