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Technology subjects include: 

Food Technology  
Fabric Design Technology  
Construction Technology  
Creative Digital Technology   
Computer Science  
Design & Visual Communication   

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Junior Digital Technology


Digital Design


Hard Materials

Food Technology


Things you should know

As the world develops it is increasingly important for students to understand how technological developments impact on society, the economy, and the environment. Whether or not they plan to engage in a career in Technology, all students can benefit from knowledge gained in Technology Education.

Technology Education presents students with rich and varied experiences. It teaches a broad technological literacy through interactions with hard & soft materials, food,electronics, graphics, robotics and a wide range of otherdigital technologies. It provides an opportunity to develop a level of technological understanding that will enable students to participate as an informed participant in an ever-changing society.

Students learn skills that can effect changes in their own lives and community, and perhaps even nationally or globally. Through Technology Education, they are helped to develop a critical eye with which to assess the implications of new technologies. Issues such as the dwindling supplies of fossil fuels, alternative fuels, and the impacts of both on the environment, or the health impacts of our increasing production and consumption of processed foods. Technology allows for students to look at the world differently. In Technology classes students most importantly gain knowledge and skills essential to all kinds of work, university study and a successful life. They are encouraged to show initiative, be innovative and creative, learn independently, and to take responsibility. They learn teamwork and communication skills and the importance of contributing to the community both socially and economically.

Excerpt taken from – Why is it important for students to take Technology Education.

Things you can do 

How can I help my child?

Help with organisation – students need help to organise their booklets, 2H pencils and covered shoes for the correct days on the AJHS 6 day timetable. They cannot participate in practical lessons without covered shoes.

Take an interest in their products – ask them what they are making, ask to be their stakeholder and give feedback on their work.

Pass on your skills! Spend some time with your child passing on your knowledge in the kitchen, garage, around the home or on the computer.

Creating and making projects together is a great way to get involved in your child’s education by doing something that interests you both.

Make an effort to understand and value Technology, this goes a long way in getting your child to do their best in class.

Pay your subject fees. These are for take home product materials and it can be embarrassing for your child to have to leave their products behind as they have not been paid for. Subject fees enable the school to offer relevant and exciting opportunities for your child to learn.

Volunteering your time/skills. We love it when parents get involved. Do you know someone who has spare hours in the day to come and help out? Do you have a workplace that would like to sponsor a project or invite students to come for a visit to see technology in action? Would you like to run a fundraiser to improve our facilities or equipment?

Keep in touch! Technology teachers are happy to provide you with an update on how your child is progressing. Drop any of us an email but please understand it may take a couple of days to return it as we are so busy teaching! Talking to your child’s teacher is the best place to go first.

Things to watch for in future: 

Open and Option Evenings – come along and check out what we do in Technology.

Technology exhibitions and competitions

Things to explore on the Internet: in particular: for interesting ideas and talks of the creative kind

Technology Report Grades Explained 

Technology levels of achievement are outlined in detail below. Each area of Technology assesses a minimum of one strand or area from the curriculum as well as practical skills. Year 7 students should generally be working between levels 2-3, Year 8 students at level 3-4, Year 9 students at levels 4-5 and Year 10 students at L5-6. Please note if students have no exposure to Technology at primary school they will take time to reach the standard level. Within these levels students are awarded a Basic, Proficient or Advanced to indicate their competence.

It is a good idea for parents to have a look at the Technology Curriculum as it has changed significantly over recent years to see the types of work teachers cover in their classes regardless of the materials students work with. Technology is recognized alongside Science as an area which is essential to develop for the future of New Zealand. If you would like to know more about Technology please look at the Techlink Website. In particular the information for parents and the Careers section. This may be an ideal pathway for your student through their education and beyond.