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Learner Led Conferences/Three Way Conferencing


3 Way Conferencing for all levels

3 Way Conferencing involves parents/caregivers, teachers and students working together in order to improve learning outcomes. The aim of 3 Way Conferencing is to ensure that students are on track for examinations and to meet their academic goals. Issues or areas of concern can be identified so that an action plan can be formulated as a result of the 3 Way Conferencing interview.

This year all students are completing their 3 way conferencing documents using Google Docs. Google Docs allows students to easily enter information and to share that information with parents/caregivers and with their teachers. We will be reminding students to involve parents in the preparation of these documents and we hope that wherever possible you will be able to discuss these documents with your child and support them so that the documents are completed.

Parents / Caregivers will soon receive an email that provides the user name and password for each child and details about how to access the 3 way conferencing files in Google Drive.