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Empower to Excel

Term 2, 2020

  • Fri 3 July                  End of Term 2

Term 3, 2020

  • Mon 20 July             Start of Term 3
  • Week of 20 July        Year 8 camp
  • Tues 28 July               AJHS Open Evening
  • Thurs 30 July             ASHS Open Evening
  •  Fri 31 July                Teachers only Day

Teachers Only Day

Confirming Teachers only day on Friday 31st July.

If you have any queries please contact the school office.

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Sports Academy
In week 11 the Year 10 Sports Academy students fiercely competed in the annual Academy Triathlon event consisting of a bike, run and a swim at Albany Stadium Pools. 
Well done to all students who participated and congratulations to our top three finishers:
  1. Jacob Rutherford
  2. Fletcher Purvis
  3. Neo Silorio
A special mention to Rachel Simpson who despite starting in the second group, caught up to the first group to take out 4th overall!
The Year 9 Sports Academy students also competed in the annual Academy Aquathlon consisting of a run to Albany Stadium Pools and a 100m swim. Well done to all who competed in this event and a thank you to our past Academy students from Albany Senior High School who helped out on the day, Jayme Saunders, Lucas Stevens and Flynn Richardson. 
Congratulations to our top three finishers:
  1. Kaos Minto-Dobbs
  2. Ferguson McArthur
  3. Ethan Ivatt
A special mention to Annie Jones who demonstrated perseverance and an outstanding attitude. 
Our environmental leaders and Friday environmental elective are seeking donations of tools and resources to make our school clean and green.
We are seeking donations from our parent community of the following:
  • Spades / shovels
  • Forks
  • trowels
  • small forks / spades
  • secateurs
  • gardening gloves
  • native seeds / seedlings
  • top soil / fertiliser
  • watering cans / buckets
  • water drums / barrels
  • compost bins / worm farms
  • corflute (old real estate signs) to build tracking tunnels
If you’re able to make a donation please send these to Mr Peter Harpur K20 in the first week of Term 3.  Alternatively you can contact him via email at

Year 10 Social Studies

Please rise.  The Court of the Second Judicial Circuit, is now in session, the Honorable Judge Ellen Wallace presiding.” This is how many Year 10 Social Studies classes began this week as students presented ‘mock trials’ as part of their inquiry into Human Rights.

Students were presented with real life case studies where two or more human rights conflicted. They then researched the human rights violation, prepared scripts for witnesses, defence attorneys and prosecutors and even created ‘evidence’ to submit. Our classroom teachers fulfilled the role of judge. A bailiff was appointed and the rest of the class formed the jury. We had an awesome time with some teachers dressing up in a judges gown and using a gravel to control the ‘court room’. Not only did we have fun, we also learned that human rights are not always straightforward and that often one persons rights impose on another’s. We also learned a bit about how court rooms operate and how the law and jury system works. Learning Social Studies can be really fun.

Music Evening 1 2020

After a long wait our talented musicians could finally share their talent at our first Music Evening of the year on Wednesday 1 July.
A huge range of genres were on display, performed by students from Year 7 – Year 10, solos and groups and even an original composition! There was clearly a lot of time being spent practising during our long period of “hibernation” and we are very proud of all those who stepped out onto the stage. 
A massive thank you also goes to Miss Cox and the Production whanau for all their work on sound, backstage and lighting, and also to Miss Kirkflexton and Zoe Clements for the amazing phot
In Week 11, we invited New Zealand Wushu (Martial Art) team coaches Wei Zhao and Camille Zhu to AJHS to teach our students history about Martial Art and self-defense techniques. The workshops were funded by Asian New Zealand Foundation. It was a great opportunity for our kids to experience Chinese cultural activities and increase their understanding of the language.  We also learned some traditional Chinese games, such as Jianzi (shuttlecock) and Weiqi (Chinese chess). 
Here are some students’ voices for the workshop:
  • I learned “wu”= martial which means to stop the conflict, stop using weapons, and to have peace. 
  • I learned that wushu is for self-defense not fighting 
  • The weapons involved with Wushu self-defense. This was my favorite part of the workshop on martial arts because of the history of the weapon, the use of the weapon, and the demonstrations the mentors performed to show us the weapons. 
  • The moves that were performed throughout the workshop. The way they demonstrated the moves were incredibly useful and informative. 
  • The actual history of Wushu was very helpful in understanding why it was important to the Chinese culture. This made it more obvious for me how to perform the moves because of the tech available back then.  
  • I have learned many new positions, I have learned how to move my body wisely, and I have also learned to defend myself without physical damage 
  • I liked learning about the culture because it was interesting to learn about how it has affected Wu-Shu today  
  • What I also found enjoyable was that they explained everything so well, so it helped me understand more compared to most beginning classes.  
Invitation to the ASHS Open Evening, and Out of Zone enrolments notice!
Kia ora future whanau of ASHS, 
I would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to attend the 2020 ASHS Open Evening on Thursday 30th July 2020.

This will be an opportunity for our future learners, family, and whanau to meet our fabulous student ambassadors who will be on hand to take you on a guided tour where you can meet our teachers and student leaders and hear all about what happens here at ASHS. Join us in ‘Te Tepu Nui’, our cafe, which will be open with delicious tea, coffee, and dessert blackboard specials on offer, where our Deputy Principals will also be on hand to answer any of your burning questions. I will also be doing a brief intro to ‘Life at ASHS’ at 6.15 pm and again at 7.15 pm. Grab a great “Open Evening Only” deal at the Cyclone Computers BYOD stand, experience the Art Week maze, and generally lap up all that ASHS has to offer.

Kristin School Open Evening
Kristin’s Information Evening is scheduled for 7pm on Thursday, 30 July .
Kristin School also have a limited number of scholarship opportunities available to enable new students to join Kristin in Year 11, 2021.  Applications are invited from aspiring individuals who demonstrate excellent character, school involvement, sporting, performing arts and/or academic strengths. More information can be found here at our website.

AJHS Uniform Shop

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ASHS Open Night is coming on Thursday 30th July from 6pm.

And take note – out of zone enrolments closing early this year.

DRAMA in the PAC at AJHS each MONDAY with Pearl

  • Intermediate 5-6pm                                
  • College 6-7pm

 Serious FUN       

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