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We are now at Covid Alert Level 3. Click here to understand our restrictions at each level. Please note, enrolments for 2022 are still taking place. 

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Empower to Excel

Term 3, 2020

  • w/c 21st Sept               Year 9 camps
  • Fri 25th Sept                 Last day for Term 3

Term 4, 2020

  • Mon 12th Oct               1st day of Term 4


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Congratulations to the following staff who have been with AJHS for 15 years!

Its a wonderful achievement, and we thank you for your service and committment

  • Shelley Brockelsby     Head of Year 8
  • Ju Young Kim             International Director
  • Sandrea Ware             Library Manager


Reporting Absences
You can use the KAMAR app on your mobile device to report your son/daughters absence from school. 
You can download the KAMAR App from the Apple App Store or Google Play. 
Log in using your parent password click on the – Absence Notify – enter the required fields.

Year 7 Speech Prizewinners 2020


1st: Hannah Jung: Racism towards asians
2nd: Ruby Burnett: The evolution of slang
3rd: Summer Van der berg: Communication
Honourable mention: Shelby Elliot: Why I don’t believe in the 5 second rule

Tui Healthy Breakfast Celebration

Our Year 7’s have been learning about the importance and benefits of healthy eating.

Part of their task involved creating a healthy, nutritious breakfast. This involved working
collaboratively on a restaurant name, financial literacy, and a  presentation of their
breakfast for their guests.

This culminated in a whanau breakfast celebration where learners had the opportunity to show off their efforts through table setting, design and plating of their meal. The best part was obviously the tasting, which they all enjoyed thoroughly.

Well done to all of our Tui Year 7s!

Year 7 Food Challenge

Following on from the Year 7’s learning about nutrition and designing their healthy breakfasts,   the year group also embarked on a class vs class challenge to collect food items for the Salvation Army. It was a close call, particularly between 7T22 and 7R21 who were neck and neck. On the day it was 7R21 who managed to bring in the most items.

Well done Year 7’s – your kindness will go a long way.

Year 9 Social Studies learn about Democracy in NZ
Our Year 9 Social Studies students have been immersed in 3D online learning at school as they participate in a virtual tour of NZ’s Parliament.  It was lots of fun learning about the Select Committee rooms, the Beehive Theatrette, and Parliament’s TV broadcasting studio.
We have also taken part in a mock bill debate after learning about the debating chamber.  Students played the role of Members of Parliament and joined political parties to debate the ‘third reading of a mock bill’.
I’m pleased to announce that we have some budding politicians amongst our students! Just before the general election we will take part in a school election, simulating the national election. So parents, be sure to engage your students in political discussions around the dinner table and discover what they are learning in class.
Year 10 Business Academy – 
Lock Down Guest Speakers:
A big thank you parents Yvonee Thynne and Danielle Hamilton for sharing their time and expertise by speaking to our Year 10 Business Academy classes during lockdown. 
These parents are experts in marketing in their respective fields and volunteered their time to join our online class and share their insights into the real business world. Student learning was enriched and extended in a meaningful and relevant way through Yvonee and Danielle’s presentations. Our Year 10 classes are very grateful.  
We are always on the look out for expert speakers in various business related fields. If any other parent has a Business related expertise to offer please contact

Semester One Dance Showcase

Semester one’s Dance Showcase treated us well. As Year 10’s we expected this to be one of the highlights of our last year at Albany Junior High School and to say the least, it did not disappoint. For many of us, this was our second showcase, meaning we knew how the day looked – although there was never a dull moment. Between rehearsing, getting ready, laughter, and being yelled at we had an absolute blast. It was a surreal experience to finally be able to dance in front of a crowd on a stage, instead of a garage and cats as a crowd. As for the show, the Jive was definitely the standout, not only for us, but for the crowd as well. Hearing the constant cheers and applause motivated us to dance to the best of our abilities. The semester one Dance Showcase brought our Year 10 class closer together. We can’t wait to be back on stage again in December.

Written by Hayley Gray & Jess Reynolds

Year 10 Sports Academy
Congratulations to our Year 10 Sports Academy students who placed 3rd out of 14 teams across the Auckland/North Shore region, in the Torpedo 7  Get2GoChallenge!
The challenges consisted of Stand Up Paddleboarding, Mountain biking and Orienteering. 
1st – EGGS/Rosmini
2nd – Westlake Girls/Boys
3rd – AJHS!
Thank you to Nikki Jones for her leadership and ongoing support of the highly successful Academy program. 

Sports News  

Year 9 & 10 Cross Country                                                                                          A huge congratulations to all those students who participated in the Year 9 and 10 Cross  Country.   Well done to the following students who placed in the top 3:

Y9 Girls
Danielle Hannah (Tui)    11.15
Samantha Searle (Ruru) 12.30
Rebecca Wang (Kiwi)     12.34
Y10 Girls                                                            Rachel Simpson (Ruru)   10.50
Kiara Dobson  (MM)        12.18
Kendall Bindon (Ruru)     12.31
Y9 Boys
Kaos Minto-Dobbs  (MM)    9.45
Ethan Ivatt (MM)    10.12
Max Shaw (Kiwi)     10.40
Y10 Boys
Fletcher Purvis  (Tui)   9.55
Jacob Rutherford (Kiwi)    10.15
Sam McQuay  (MM)   10.18


College Sport Auckland Individual Swimming Championships:  Last Sunday we had a team of eight students compete in the College Sport Auckland Individual Swimming Championships. With the Intermediate Zone day and AIMS Games cancelled this year, it was a great opportunity for our swimmers to represent the school in 2020. 

Congratulations to all swimmers for a great event but a very special congratulations to the following swimmers for some outstanding results.

  • Charlotte Searle Under 13 400m Freestyle Champion and 6th place Under 13 200m freestyle. 
  • Su Yao Wong   – 2nd place Under 13 400m Freestyle         
  • Ashleigh Fox    – 5th place Under 13 200m Freestyle and 7th place Under 13 200m Breaststroke 
  • Jihu Lee           – 8th place Under 13 100m Breastroke, 6th place Under 13 50m Freestyle & 7th place Under 13 100m Freestyle 
  • Isabella Rowe  – 6th place Under 13 200m Breaststroke, & 9th place Under 13 100m  Breaststroke           
  • Olivia Taylor – 5th place Under 13 200m Breaststroke


North Harbour Intermediate Hockey Zone Days                                                              Last week our Intermediate Hockey teams participated in the North Harbour Intermediate Hockey Zone Days.  The boys went through pool play undefeated, and then faced Northcross in the semi final going down 2-0. In the 3-4 playoff they faced Murray’s Bay narrowly going down 1-0 after a goal to Murray’s Bay with about 4 minutes on the clock. The boys finished 4th overall which was a fantastic result.  Our girls had a great day, having to step up to the challenge of playing A grade teams. They finished the day with one win, two draws and a loss to finish 7th = overall which was also a fantastic result.

A great effort from both teams, a special thanks to our coaches, managers and parents that helped make this day happen. Also thank-you to Year 10 student Jonas Soehnel who umpired both zone days for us. He also had the opportunity to umpire the boys final so a great experience for him as well.


North Harbour Intermediate Cross Country Zone Day                                                   Amazing results from the Year 7 and 8 North Harbour Cross Country Zone Day last Tuesday.   We had a team of 33 students attend the cross country zone day at Sanders Reserve with some fantastic results.

Congratulations to the following 5 students who finished in the top 10 for their respective event and now qualify to represent North Harbour at the Auckland Interzone Champs.                      Year 8 Girls: Olivia Taylor – 4th                                                                                                      Year 8 Boys: Jihu Lee – 10th                                                                                                          Year 7 Girls: Suyao Wong – 7th                                                                                                            Year 7 Boys: Zach Pudney – 7th  and Raika Macdonald – 8th year

Sports Opportunities:                                                                                                              While we are on a break from sport at the moment, we hope that we can get back into sport again soon. We still require additional players for the following sports so if your child is interested, please do get in touch.

BasketballYear 7 and 8 Boys –   We need additional players for both our Year 7 and 8 boys teams. Games are played on a Monday evening (between 4pm and 9pm), and training is held at school either before or after school depending on the team.  The Competition is for Term 3 and Term 4.

Water Polo Year 7 and 8 – Require  additional players for Term 3 and 4 competition. Games are played on a Friday evening at the AUT Millennium Pool, and team training is on a Monday from 4.30pm to 5.30pm.  

For further information or to register for any of these sports, please contact Jo Monkton:

Sports Information: Sport now has a tab on the new look AJHS website. Some information is still being updated but each week we will share all AJHS team draws under the Sports Draw tab.

We will also share the draws on: AJHS Sport Facebook                                                             It has been a busy term of sport, so lets hope that this is a short break and we can get back out there again soon.  In the meantime, keep active and take care.

Chess Tournament
In late July, we had four students enter a school chess tournament.  They were:
  • Pamiru Gallage 7M22
  • Damdini Samarathunga 8T10
  • Sairuran Govender 7T21
  • Samuel Luong 8T11
They did amazingly well, especially given that it was their first entry into this particular tournament and earned a well deserved 3rd place overall.
Well done to Pamiru, Damdini, Saiuran and Samuel for a great result, and a special thanks to  Roshan Gollage who coached the team.

Online Learning

7M22 did not want to miss out on pratical work in Science during Lockdown.  Day one of home learning and these AMAZING students  have already been busy investigating the solubility of various substances  from their pantry.

Daisy Powell 

Coffee: Dissolved quicker in the hot water than the cold water.  Sugar: Dissolved around the same amount. Cocoa powder: Did Not dissolve well in the cold water but good in the hot water. 

Max Richardson 

I did coffee and sugar. 

Cold:  Coffee: It dissolves very slowly and may not dissolve at all. The water darkens more than warm and hot though. Sugar:it doesn’t dissolve at all and the sugar is overpowering the water.

Warm:  Coffee: It dissolves a little slow and makes a dark juice color leaving a bit of coffee on the top. Sugar: it dissolves most of the sugar but the water isn’t warm enough to burn down the sugar.

Hot:  Coffee: It dissolves very quickly leaving a dark coffee color it doesn’t leave any coffee sitting around it all dissolves. Sugar: it dissolves straight away not leaving a single bit of sugar.  

Connor McAuley 

Hot water created a more saturated solution.

We put 8 tablespoons of sugar into 200ml of hot water, we could have kept adding more, and 5 tablespoons of sugar into the 200ml of cold water before it stopped dissolving.

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