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Due to Covid we are now at Alert Level 4. Online teaching has commenced. Communications have been sent to parents. For more information please click here. Please note, enrolments for 2022 are still taking place.

Covid 19 Update 22/10/2020

Covid 19 Update 22/10/2020

Good afternoon parents and caregivers,

As you will be aware through the media, there was a visit to ‘The Malt’ Restaurant and Bar recently, by a person who has since tested positive for Covid-19. As a school community, with our other local schools, we would like to reiterate that we always take the care and health of our staff and students very seriously.  Please ensure you continue to ask your children to adhere to Covid-19 protocols at school and when they are in our community. The following is a reminder of school protocols:

If your child is sick or showing any signs of the symptoms of Covid 19 (Runny nose, cough, loss of sense of smell etc), please keep your child at home and seek medical advice immediately
If your child presents with any symptoms during the school day, we will be calling you to collect them as soon as possible
When visiting our school, please ensure that on your arrival at our main reception that you use the Covid-19 Tracer APP before entering, and move straight to our ‘sign in station’ to follow and adhere to our instructions for sign in.
We will be reminding staff and students of our health and safety routines we have put in place here at AJHS. All school Principals are being carefully guided by the Ministry of Education.  

Thank you for your on-going support and being a responsible citizen in doing our part to keep our community safe and healthy. Take care.

Kind regards,

Stephen Kendall-Jones