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We’re looking forward to seeing all students back at school tomorrrow, Thursday 19th May. 

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What has lockdown taught us?

Today, we observe 6.5 weeks in lockdown, well over half of our school term. The pandemic has certainly changed the way we have lived and how we have had to adapt. 

Learning and working from home, maintaining our bubbles, meeting online, wearing our facemasks, scanning and lining up to access our supermarkets, and keeping our distance has quickly become our norm again. 

To say the least, lockdown has been deeply challenging, emotionally draining, and sometimes confusing for many, but we’ve made it work, we have persevered and as a result we have again, learnt so much. 

Lockdown has proven that we can continue to communicate and learn. Living at home 24/7 has provided us with time to think about what we do have, what we value and what we appreciate, and what is critical to our wellbeing. Without the travel and our other life activities, we have had more moments to self reflect, have conversations and to enjoy our pastimes. We have felt the benefit of slowing down. On a different scale, our environment has had time to revitalise through lockdown periods. This can only benefit us all on so many levels. 

This is not to say that all lockdown learning has been without sacrifice or negative impact. It’s always ideal to view the positives but we know this has not been the case for everyone. 

Please keep checking your school emails over the holiday break. We will be in contact with information around returning to school. 

On a final note, I have thrived on the opportunity to communicate with you all over lockdown. Thank you for your support since I assumed the Acting Principal role the week lockdown commenced. I am loving every minute of it and I look forward to hopefully seeing you all next term. Thank you everyone. 

Cushla Shepherd – Acting Principal

Announcing our new Students Leaders for 2022

A huge congratulations to our new 2022 student leaders This is a great achievement and one these students all thoroughly deserve. Student leaders embody our ethos and culture. These students have displayed maturity and kindness, and have an instinct to go the extra mile, whatever the journey.

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An online trip to the Auckland Museum

During lockdown the Year 8 science classes have been studying geology. Topics have included looking at the earth’s geosphere, building an understanding of tectonic plates, and finding out more about volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. Two Year 8 science classes were lucky enough to have a Zoom session with one of Auckland Museum’s educators this week.

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Softball and cricket registrations now open

East Coast Bays Cricket Club and East Coast Bays United Softball Club are now taking registrations for the upcoming season. At AJHS we do not have our own softball or cricket teams, so we encourage students who are keen on these sports to join the club teams.

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Chinese Language Week

This week we celebrated Chinese Language Week at AJHS – a week designed to increase Chinese language learning in New Zealand. Our Year 7 and Year 8 Mandarin students learned greetings in Mandarin, made traditional dishes, learned ancient legends and created some beautiful origami animals. 

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2021 winter sports wrap up

Being the end of Term 3 and the end of the winter sports season, it’s time to reflect on a fantastic sports season, even though it has been cut slightly short! We’ve had more than 50 teams involved in regular winter sport in 2021, with some outstanding results. 

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Dentist on-site for Year 9 and Year 10

Lumino Dental will be on-site at AJHS for Year 9 and 10 students from November 1st to November 12th 2021. For more information please read this sheet, and click here for a set of FAQs. If you require any further information about the process, please contact Lumino directly via email

Important Dates

Term 4 starts: Monday 18 October

Labour Day: Monday 25 October

Term 4 ends: Thursday 16 December (students)

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