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School  will be closed for a  Ministry Teacher Only Day on Thursday 13th May

Health Information

AJHS Health Information
Brigid Lamont, School Nurse

Hello to all new families and to those families already at AJHS. I am Brigid Lamont the school nurse. If your child has a medical condition that I need to be aware of or you just want to discuss a health issue please feel free to phone or email me, or just drop in to the Health Clinic in the Administration block.

Thank you for filling out the Health Details on the enrolment form, if any of these details change be sure to update them.

If your child develops an infectious illness such as Chickenpox, Measles or Whooping Cough please notify the school asap.

I am able to to give Paracetamol (for pain or fever) to your child if you have ticked the box of the Health Details form, so please be sure to do so.

If you child requires other medicine at school such as Antihistamine, Epilepsy or Migraine medicine or Antibiotics please bring a supply to the Health Clinic clearly labelled with their name and bring a completed Permission to Administer Medication form click here and a copy of the prescription from the Doctor.

If your child has been prescribed an Epipen, please ensure I have a copy of the Action Plan and that your child either carries the Epipen at all times or we have one in the Health Clinic. They need to ensure all medications accompany them on all EOTC outings. Please make sure these have not expired.

If your child has Asthma please ensure they carry an inhaler at all times. If they require an Action Plan for their Asthma please supply me with a copy. An inhaler MUST be taken on EOTC outings

If your child is an Insulin Dependant Diabetic please give me a copy of the School Management Plan and a supply of testing strips and a hypokit to keep in the Health Clinic.

It is very important that Parents and AJHS manage your child’s attendance together, therefore please make it clear to your child that they must see the school nurse if feeling unwell before they arrange to be collected. If I contact you to collect your child please come to the Health Clinic and be sure to sign them out at Student Desk. Students are not able to walk or bus home during school hours for safety reasons.


These are offered by Public Health and need your informed consent.

Year 7 students are offered Boostrix to boost their protection against Tetanus, Diphtheria and Whooping cough. This is likely to take place in August .

Year 8 girls and boys are offered HPV vaccination to protect against the Human Papillomavirus. This year it will be given in 2 doses 6 months apart rather than 3 doses.

Dates are likely to be May and November.

Further information will be sent home closer to the dates.

Dental Health

For year 7&8 dental services are provided by Albany Children’s Community Dental Clinic. The clinic is on-site and students attend during school hours. If your child has previously been under school dental services they are already enrolled, if not forms will be sent home. To contact them phone 4152059.

Dental Health for year 9 & 10 is offered by Lumino Dental who will be on-site during September. You can contact them on 0800 LUMINO.

Vision Testing

Waitemata DHB offers Vision testing to all year 7 students, this is done during school time in September.


Physio by Design come to AJHS every Wednesday to see any students with accident related injuries. This service is free and can be booked in with the nurse or at Student Desk.

Please feel free to get in touch at any time. I look forward to caring for your children.


Brigid Lamont
Registered Nurse,
Albany Junior High School.
Phone 09 4155473 ext 607