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We are now at Covid Alert Level 3. Click here to understand our restrictions at each level. Please note, enrolments for 2022 are still taking place. 

Integrated Curriculum (Yr 7/8)


At AJHS we follow an Integrated Programme structure to teach the following subjects:

Year 7: English, Social Studies, Drama and PE (Health)

Year 8: English, Social Studies, Drama and PE (Health)

What is an “Integrated Programme”?

A question parents often ask is what is this and how is this different from any other learning?

An Integrated Programme can best be described as learning skills and content around themes and not subjects. Learning in life does not take place in different compartments. An Integrated Programme can thus be seen as bringing school learning closer to real life learning.
The following definition is a good description of integrated learning:

Integrated curriculum is a way to teach students that attempts to break down barriers between subjects and make learning more meaningful to students. The idea is to teach around themes or topics that students can identify with, such as “Cultural Collisions,” “Farm to Table,” and “The UN’s Global Goals”.


Why do we follow an Integrated Programme?

Seven Reasons to teach an Integrated Curriculum

  1. Unless you have 50 hours a day to teach, you will never get it all in.
  2. An integrated curriculum allows Social Studies to frame your reading, writing, and connections to the real world.
  3. Life is not divided into neat little blocks of time called science, math, reading, writing, social studies, and recess.
  4. Problem solving skills soar when we have opportunities to use our knowledge and higher level thinking whilst making connections between, and transfer skills across all curriculum levels.
  5. Group interaction and team building inherent in an intergrated curriculum depend on using various strenghts and skills to create bridges to understanding. We build on each individuals strenghts and abilities whilst also developing resilience.
  6. In real life you are tested with a problem and then must scramble for answers. Schools have got it backwards! In traditional school you are given the answers and asked to regurgitate them. We do it differently. We learn how to find answers, reflect, act and then think “What next?”
  7. Students LOVE an intergrated curriculum and thrive on its challenges!
Digital classrooms

Each homeroom class has a class web page or use Google Classroom. This is mainly used for:

  • Posting classwork and assignments
  • Showing links to important educational resources
  • Providing information and instructions
  • Posting homework

Parents are encouraged to visit the class web page or join the Google Classroom in order to gain a better understanding of their child’s learning. 


All Year 7 and 8 students should on average be busy for between 20—30 minutes an evening doing Homeroom homework. 

Time should also be allowed for reading as at least 20 minutes a night is suggested for reading.


Reporting on Progress

At AJHS we are fully compliant with the reporting requirements as established by the Ministry of Education. This means we:

  • Help students understand the curriculum requirements and their goals in relation to them.
  • Assess student’s progress and achievement in relation to the curriculum progressions.
  • Ensure that students understand their progress and achievement and what the next steps are in their learning.
  • Provide at least two plain‐language, written reports to parents, family and whānau about their child’s progress.
  • Support parents, family, and whānau to understand the process and format of reporting and how they can work with schools to support their child’s progress.

Education outside the classroom

Year 7

  • Camp experience at Shakespear Regional Park.
  • Visit to Auckland Zoo.
  • Swimming lessons at Millenium Pools.
  • Film trip. 
  • Life Education to deeper learning connected to health and nutrition.
  • Visits from speakers and other experts.

Year 8

  • Visit to Auckland Museum to learn about Pacific migration and cultures in New Zealand.
  • Surf Survival etc.
  • A camp experience in Matamata.
  • Life Education to discuss drugs and alcohol.
  • Visits from speakers and experts to further develop their understanding.

Competitions and celebrations of success

The following opportunities exist for Year 7 and 8 students to challenge themselves and to celebrate their success:

  • World Environment Day activities
  • Year 7 Speech competition
  • Year 8 Inter-Whanau debate competition
  • Year 7 Dance Battles
  • Year 8 Dance off competitions
  • Year 8 Market Day
  • Weekly current quiz inter-class competitions
  • Various ICAS competitions.
  • PCT challenge.

Contact with homeroom teacher

At AJHS we are fortunate to have a group of very dedicated teachers who do their best to provide your child with an awesome learning experience. We have “Meet the Teacher” evening at the beginning of the year and Student Led Conferences in Term 2.

Parents are also encouraged to contact their child’s homeroom teacher if they have any questions. In addition to this we are happy to receive e-mails or phone calls which we will respind to in a timely manner.