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Welcome to 2022! All new students start on Friday 4th February at 8.30am. Please meet outside the main school reception area. 

Makomako Whānau

At AJHS we are very proud of our Whanau structure. We have four whanau areas; Makomako, Kiwi, Ruru and Tui, and these whanau areas act as 4 small schools in one large school. They are a space where students receive the bulk of their education in years 7 and 8, apart from specialist subjects that require specific rooms. 

As students progress in their years, they move across the school which helps develop more independence. The whanau structure creates a culture, identity and support network for our students, giving them a place where they feel comfortable and confident to explore and learn, while also providing pastoral support so no student slips through the cracks.

When moving from a primary school to a junior high school, students can become overwhelmed with the size, so this structure takes away the stress and nerves of being in a much larger school, and gives them a sense of belonging. Students spend their 4 year journey in the same Whanau, which helps them establish strong peer relationships and galvanises their sense of self.