The Maths Department offers students the opportunity to participate in National and International Maths competitions like ICAS Maths, Otago Problem Challenge, Otago Junior Maths Competition and Australian Mathematics Competition. Many students have produced excellent results in these competitions and more students choose to register for them each year. Students also register on websites like Education Perfect which allows them to engage in fun activities while learning.

At AJHS parent involvement is important and the teachers in the Maths Department are easily accessible by email to discuss students’ progress and learning needs.


At AJHS we try to facilitate a smooth transition from primary to junior high, ensuring continuity within the Mathematics curriculum. During the students’ primary school years the focus is on learning numbers and operations, basic measurement, and basic understanding of data. As students move into the middle years at AJHS a greater emphasis is placed on the practice and reinforcement of basic maths facts and operations while at the same time increasing the depth of understanding of skills in Algebra and Geometry.



Evaluation of students’ achievement is an essential part of mathematics education. Monitoring and evaluation are necessary to assess students’ readiness for new learning, to give teachers feedback on the success of their methods and approaches, and to assist planning for new learning.

Assessments (Quizzes) take place throughout each semester. These Quizzes should provide our students and their parents with an indication of a student’s progress.