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School is open for all students from Monday 8th March under level 2. We look forward to seeing you all


Uniform Shop Hours 2021.pdf


Uniform Shop hours:  Tuesday & Wednesday, 8.00AM-11.15AM & 1.15PM-3.30PM.

Staff and students at Albany Junior High School are very proud of their school. Students express their pride in the way they wear their uniform both at school, in the community as they go to and from school and on school trips. As part of this philosophy please note the following:

No garments other than approved items are to be visible. Clothing must be clean, in good repair and worn properly. Non-regulation uniform or jewellery will be confiscated and returned at the end of the term to parents, on request. Make up, including acrylic nails and nail polish, is not to be worn. Students who arrive at school incorrectly dressed should have a note from their parent/caregiver and report to their Whanau Leader. It is essential that school clothing be clearly named. Students in Albany Junior High School uniform are representing the school and school rules and expectations apply. Non AJHS raincoats can be worn to and from school, but must be removed during school time.  Uniform regulations at AJHS.Feb 2021.pdf 

Uniform Shop Information

Purchases can be collected from the Uniform Shop on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s only during Term time. The Uniform Shop is located on the ground floor of the Administration Building. REMINDER: There are NO PLASTIC BAGS supplied at the Uniform Shop for any items purchased due to regulations. Please remember to bring your own bags. Thank you.

Uniform Shop Hours

Term Time Trading Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday only: 8.00AM-11.15AM & 1.15PM-3.30PM Please contact Margaret  for any queries you may have, thank you.

Latest News

The Uniform Shop is now selling Rain Jackets (micro fleece lined) with a range of sizes from 2XS to XL.

BOYS Compulsory AJHS Shirt, Navy AJHS Shorts, AJHS PE Shirt, AJHS PE Shorts, Plain black lace up shoes (No boots – shoes must be below the ankle) or approved Black Roman sandals, AJHS approved socks Optional AJHS Jersey, AJHS Jacket, AJHS Unisex Trousers AJHS Letterman Jacket
GIRLS Compulsory AJHS Shirt, Navy AJHS Skirt (Knee length or longer) or AJHS Skort, or AJHS Shorts.  AJHS PE Shirt AJHS PE Shorts, Plain black lace up shoes or T-Bar with a buckle. (No boots – shoes must be below the ankle) or approved Black Roman sandals, AJHS approved socks or black tights Optional AJHS Jersey, AJHS JacketSkort AJHS Unisex trousers, AJHS Letterman Jacket, Rain Jacket (fleece lined)
Additional Items Optional Navy AJHS Cap & Bucket hat, AJHS Trackpants (for sport only)

Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Second Hand Uniform Shop is a part of the Uniform Shop – located on the ground floor of the Administration building. Please drop uniform off at the shop during term opening hours ONLY, please do not leave at reception or student desk. Only current, unaltered, undamaged regulation school uniform items in excellent condition will be accepted. Swimming costumes, shoes, tights, socks, hats and garments subjected to fair wear and tear will not be accepted. All items must be CLEAN Garments will be accepted at Management discretion only. Garments delivered without a Contract and Delivery/Acceptance Form will not be taken into stock. Pre-Loved Uniform Contract and Delivery/Acceptance Form click here +


  • One small (no more than 3mm) plain gold, silver or coloured stone stud, (not hoops) may be worn in each ear lobe.  The Senior Management team will determine what is acceptable.
  • No other jewellery, including body-piercing ornamentation, is permitted.


  • Moderate styles and “natural” colours – at the discretion of the Senior Management Team.

School Bags

  • No advertising other than maker’s name.
  • No graffiti.

The Principal will determine what is and what is not appropriate. Decisions will take into account students’ safety and the expectations of the community. In all instances, the Principal’s decision will be final.