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School is open for all students from Monday 8th March under level 2. We look forward to seeing you all


Albany Junior High School (AJHS) is unique. AJHS is the first purpose built, junior
high school in New Zealand and is designed, both philosophically and structurally,
to cater for the needs of the adolescent learner.

Many schools have a philosophy but we are a philosophy that has a school built
around it. Our philosophy is based on the firm belief that our Year 7 to 10 learners
have far greater skills and abilities than society generally give them credit for and,
with the support and guidance of parents and staff, they have the ability to manage
and drive their own learning.

We utilise sound, well researched teaching and learning practices, supported by
a strong curriculum, relevant to the needs of adolescent learners in years 7 to 10.
In addition to rigorously learning core subjects, our learners have the freedom to
explore their interests, in depth, in what we call Make A Difference sessions (MAD)
and twice-weekly extra curricular clubs. Personal agency leads to exceptional levels
of engagement and achievement.

We also work closely with parents and caregivers to identify the potential that is
within every learner, providing them with the means to succeed as lifelong learners.
Our vision pervades every aspect of what we do as a school in terms of catering
for individual learning and improving teaching and learning. It is therefore vital
that staff, learners, and parents are able to articulate our vision, “Empower Each
Learner To Excel In A Fast Moving World”, by helping the learners to manage their
learning and turn their goals into reality.

Our vision is an ideal. We also acknowledge that being human means that we will
not meet it at all times, and so we continually strive, individually and collectively, to
bring the school ever closer to the vision.