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Year 8

Year 8 Reporting & Assessment

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Students learn to read and write musical notation and understand the basic rudiments of music.

Musical Knowledge

Students learn about instruments of the Orchestra in Year 7 and Maori music in Year 8. They learn through discussion, written tasks, research and listening exercises.


Students are taught basic keyboard skills and how to put their music theory knowledge into practice by reading notation.


Students are taught basic guitar skills and how to perform songs using chords (Year 7) and tablature (Year 8).


Year 8 Languages (Maori, Japanese and Spanish)


  • Foundation –Lacks understanding of key words and simple phrases.
  • Stage 1-Developing an understanding of simple words and phrases.
  • Stage 2 – Understands and responds to simple words and phrases.
  • Stage 3 – Understands and responds to phrases and information.
  • Stage 4 – Understands and responds to longer phrases and information.


  • Foundation –Lacks an awareness of simple sentence structures.
  • Stage 1 – Beginning to develop an awareness of simple sentence structures.
  • Stage 2 – Applies knowledge about structures to write phrases and sentences.
  • Stage 3 – Applies knowledge about vocabulary and structures to write phrases and sentences accurately.
  • Stage 4 – Applies knowledge about vocabulary and structures to vary written phrases and sentences.



Developing Practical Knowledge

Students will be able to use techniques of Drama to perform a variety of scenes.

Developing Ideas

Students develop and record information relating to a series of scenes which they have created.

Communicating and Interpreting

Students will be able to communicate their ideas and interpret from a variety of conventions and scenes that have been created.



In year 8 students follow a practical based course in our laboratories. Students build on their experiences in year 7 and learn to use a wider range of laboratory equipment and develop their skills planning; carrying out and evaluating fair test experiments. This is part of the ‘Nature of Science’ strand of the New Zealand curriculum. 

Students follow the following courses: Plant Reproduction (from the ‘Living World’ strand of the New Zealand curriculum); Simple Chemical Reactions, Acids and Alkalis (from the ‘Material World’ strand in the New Zealand curriculum); Energy, Sound, Electricity (from the ‘Physical World’ strand of the New Zealand curriculum); ‘Astronomy’ (from the ‘Planet Earth and Beyond’ strand of the New Zealand curriculum). 

Visual Art

Developing Practical Knowledge

Students work towards developing an understanding of and developing control of art materials, techniques and tools through exploration of a variety of art media.

Developing Ideas

Students generate ideas in response to a variety of motivation. Investigation of artist models, imagination, and invention with materials is used to develop ideas further.

Observational Drawing

Students use pencil mark making skills to make observational drawings showing shape, form, texture and pattern.

Animal Studies

Students develop ideas from observational drawings and research and create an oil pastel work.

Kowhaiwhai Family Tree

Through the investigation of traditional Kowhaiwhai patterns students begin to develop designs that would represent their family tree. They then apply learnt painting and drawing skills to create the final artwork.

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Learning Subsidy

  • Year 8 Learning Subsidy is comprised of the following elements (Year subsidy $280)

    Swimming Sports, Literacy Workshops, Y8 Science Road Show, Y8 Surf Survival, Y8 Museum Trip, Life Education, Education Perfect- subscription, Write That Essay- subscription, Kiwi Kids News- subscription, Edpuzzle – subscription ($900 for whole school), Art – take home products, Hard Tec – take home products, Soft Tec – take home products, Food Tec – take home products, DVC – no take home products, Attitude Speakers, Visiting performers, School Yearbook, Big Day In/Out.