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Report an Absence

  • If you are sick, or for any other reason cannot come to school, please make sure that your parent/caregiver contacts the school either by phoning Absences on 415 5473 extension 646, pressing 1, or leaving a message explaining your child’s absence or emailing absences@ajhs.school.nz. When you return to school you will need to have a written note explaining your absence. If you are away for 3 days or more the school will require a doctor’s Certificate.
  • If you feel sick at school, or if you hurt yourself, you need to go to the Health Centre and the school nurse who will look after you and if necessary contact your parents/caregivers.
  • If you have an appointment during the school day and have to leave school, or you miss a day as a result of the appointment, your parent/caregiver will need to let the school know in advance through a written note. They must also sign you in and out through the Student Reception in the main Admin building.


Please use this form to report your child’s absence.

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