Our Uniform

Student Uniform Standards

  • All students must wear regulation school uniforms. If non-regulation clothing is worn, students must bring a parent signed note of explanation, to be given to their Whanau Dean for a uniform pass.

  • Uniforms must be clean and worn properly i.e. skirts are to be around knee length.

  • Students must wear school shoes OR sandals. Shoes must be ALL black with no other coloured icons on them. (No boots or high-top footwear). Sandals must be black (not jandals/crocs) and be worn with a strap over the heel.

  • Socks worn must be either AJHS Blue socks or plain white ankle socks (no logo).

  • Students are only permitted to wear the school cap and the school bucket hat. A plain black beanie may be worn during the winter terms 2 and 3. Hats off indoors.

  • No other clothing garments or items that are not our approved standard uniform, are to be visible.

  • Non-AJHS raincoats can be worn to and from school but must be removed during school time.

Uniform Shop

  • The Uniform Shop is located on the ground floor of the Administration Building.

  • Opening Times: Mondays and Wednesdays (term time only). 8.30am – 11.30am. 1.30pm – 3.30pm.

  • Online Uniform Shop: mykindo


There are no plastic bags supplied at the Uniform Shop for any items purchased. Please remember to bring your own bags.

Uniform Information

Boys Compulsory

  • AJHS shirt
  • AJHS navy shorts
  • AJHS PE shirt
  • AJHS PE shorts
  • plain black lace-up shoes (no boots – shoes must be below the ankle) or approved black roman sandals
  • AJHS-approved socks


  • AJHS jersey
  • AJHS jacket
  • AJHS unisex trousers
  • AJHS hoodie
  • Navy AJHS cap & bucket hat
  • AJHS track pants (for sports teams only)

Girls Compulsory

  • AJHS shirt
  • AJHS navy skirt (knee-length or longer) or AJHS skort, or AJHS shorts
  • AJHS PE shirt
  • AJHS PE shorts
  • plain black lace-up shoes or T-Bar with a buckle (no boots – shoes must be below the ankle), or approved black roman sandals,
  • AJHS-approved socks or black tights.


  • AJHS jersey
  • AJHS jacket
  • AJHS unisex trousers
  • rain jacket (fleece lined)
  • AJHS hoodie
  • Navy AJHS cap & bucket hat
  • AJHS track pants (for sports teams only)

Physical Education & Sport

  • All students are required to wear an approved school PE shirt. The shirt can be worn with the school PE short or any plain black leggings.
  • Only school sports team jackets or sweatshirts are to be worn at sports events.
  • Students must arrive and leave school in their school uniform clothing, and must be changed prior to leaving their PE, Drama, or Dance lessons, in the interest of safety and hygiene. 

Mufti Day / School camp / school trips clothing

  • Students should wear clothing that is respectful of the setting they are in and appropriate for the activities they will be participating in. The garments worn should have appropriate coverage.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Second Hand Uniform Shop on-sells good quality second hand uniforms on behalf of parents, keeping 50% of the sale. It is part of the Uniform Shop, located on the ground floor of the Administration building.

Please drop your second-hand uniforms off at the shop during term opening hours. Alternatively please leave it at reception. Only current, unaltered, undamaged regulation school uniform items in excellent condition will be accepted. Swimming costumes, shoes, tights, socks, and hats will not be accepted. All items must be clean. Garments will be accepted at the Management’s discretion only. Garments delivered without a Contract and Delivery/Acceptance Form will not be taken into stock.

Here is the AJHS pre-loved Uniform Contract.

Hair, Nails, Jewellery & Makeup


  • If hair is past shoulder length, it must be tied up so that students can learn effectively. Any teacher has the right to request that hair is tied back in the interest of safety or hygiene.
  • Hairstyles with artificial colouring are not accepted. Only hair colours in the natural human hair range are acceptable – purple, blue, green etc. are not permitted.
  • Hair accessories (hair bands/ties/ribbons etc) must be navy blue, black or whanau colour. 


  • Nail polish is to be clear, with no artificial tips or colouring.


  • Non conforming jewellery will be confiscated and returned to the student at an appropriate time 
    • Earrings – students are permitted to wear one small stud earring in each ear lobe of plain gold or silver colouring. Piercings in other areas of the body are not acceptable at school and any piercing openings need to be covered with a nude/ skin tone plaster covering.
    • Necklaces – Students are permitted to wear a necklace which is of cultural or religious significance only – a letter of request from the parent, explaining the significance needs to be sent in to the Whanau Dean prior to the necklace being worn. This will be required to be removed at times for Sport , Physical Education and Technology Subjects in the interest of safety 
    • Bracelets – (arm or ankle bracelets) are not permitted unless it is a medic alert type bracelet.
    • Watches – may be worn – smart watches may not be accessed/used for any communication purposes.
    • Rings – are not permitted at school.
  • Exceptions will be reviewed on a case by case basis i.e. cultural practice to wear certain jewellery (bone carvings and greenstones are permitted with a parent note – uniform pass)


  • Makeup is not to be worn unless the student brings a parent signed note of explanation (skin conditions) to be given to their Whanau Dean for a pass to wear a light layer of tinted moisturiser only.

Shoes & Bags

School Bags

  • No advertising other than the maker’s name
  • No graffiti


  • Please click here for shoe regulation information and images