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School Information

Daily Timings

Time Activity

8:40 am

School starts – Whanau Time

9:00 am

Period 1

10:00 am

Period 2

11:00 am

Morning Tea

11:25 am

Period 3

12:25 pm

Period 4

1:25 pm


2:15 pm

Period 5

3:15 pm


Covid Information

It’s fantastic to see our students back at school after our online learning break. We would like to acknowledge the support of our community throughout the last week – it is greatly appreciated.

With more teachers onboard at school, we hope to have minimal Covid disruptions as we move on with our term. We want to focus on the continuity of our teaching and learning as well as enjoy all the extracurricular opportunities available to our students.

In the orange setting, masks remain an important tool to reduce the spread of COVID-19, and public health strongly encourages their continued use in indoor settings.

Thank you for your ongoing support. 


We have many fundraising opportunities throughout the year and our Fundraising contact is our Deputy Principal, Dawn Ross. We will publish events as and when they occur with all the required information.

Health Information

 Hello to all new families and to those families already at AJHS. I am Brigid Lamont the school nurse. If your child has a medical condition that I need to be aware of or you just want to discuss a health issue, please feel free to phone or email me, or just drop into the Health Clinic in the Administration block.

If your child is unwell please keep them home. This is especially important in the present Covid environment. We understand it is disruptive to be called to collect a child from school, however, this is an important part of the process of keeping the community safe.

I am able to dispense Paracetamol and Ibuprofen (for pain or fever) to your child if you have ticked the box on the Permission to Administer Medicine form, (in your online profile) so please be sure to do so. If your child requires other medicine at schools such as Antihistamine, Epilepsy or Migraine medicine or Antibiotics, please bring a supply to the Health Clinic clearly labelled with their name, and bring a completed Permission to Administer Medication form and a copy of the prescription from the Doctor. If your child has been prescribed an Epipen, please ensure I have a copy of the Action Plan, and that your child either carries the Epipen at all times or/and we have one in the Health Clinic. They need to ensure all medications accompany them on all Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) outings. Please make sure medication has not expired.

If your child has Asthma please ensure they carry an inhaler at all times. If they require an Action Plan for their Asthma please supply me with a copy. An inhaler MUST be taken on EOTC outings. If your child is an Insulin Dependant Diabetic, please give me a copy of the School Management Plan, a supply of testing strips, and a hypo kit to keep in the Health Clinic.

It is very important that parents and AJHS manage your child’s attendance together, therefore please make it clear to your child that they must see the school nurse if feeling unwell before they arrange to be collected. If I contact you to collect your child, please go to reception and sign them out. Students are not able to walk or bus home during school hours for safety reasons.


Year 7 and Y8 students are offered Boostrix and HPV vaccinations at school. These are administered by Waitemata District Health Board (DHB) and details will be sent home throughout the year before vaccinations take place.

Dental Health

For Y7 and Y8, dental services are provided by Albany Children’s Community Dental Clinic. The clinic is on-site and students attend during school hours. If your child has previously been under school dental services then they are already enrolled. If not, forms will be sent home. To contact them phone 415 2059.

Dental health for Y9 and Y10 is offered by Lumino Dental, which will be on-site in November. You will receive information closer to the date. You can contact them directly at 0800 LUMINO.

Vision Testing

Waitemata DHB offers vision testing to all Y7 students during school time in September.


External providers Proactive come to AJHS every Monday to see any students with Physiotherapy needs. There are several ways to access the service:
1. Contact Proactive directly on 558 1973
2. Contact the AJHS Nurse on 415 5473 ext 607 or email brigid.lamont@ajhs.school.nz
3. If your child presents to the school nurse with an injury and is assessed as requiring physio, they will be referred.

All people under 16 years old need parental consent to be treated. The preferred option is that parents/caregivers complete a consent form, either given to students at the time of referral or available by clicking here. Please bring this to the appointment. Alternatively, you can opt-out of the service by emailing brigidlamont@ajhs.school.nz. If you do not opt-out we will consider this as consent, however, we will make every effort to contact you to discuss any referrals. Proactive will send a text reminder to parents on the day prior to an appointment.

Please feel free to get in touch at any time. I look forward to caring for your children.

Brigid Lamont, Registered Nurse,
Albany Junior High School.
Phone 415 5473 ext 607


Log into Mykindo to purchase uniform items and lunch orders.



Click here for information on cars and buses.

Tuck Shop

The school Tuck Shop is open every day at morning tea and lunchtimes. Cash and Eftpos are available. Please find the 2023 menu here. Online orders can be made through Mykindo



  • Our school is open at 8:15 am every morning during term time, Monday to Friday. Lessons start at 8:40 am and school closes for the day at 3.15 pm.
  • The school terms are given on the school website www.ajhs.school.nz along with public holidays when the school is closed.
  • Make sure that you always have a pencil, pen, ruler and eraser with you every day. Your teacher will tell you what exercise books you need.
  • For the specialist classes – construction technology, food technology, fabric design technology and art – you need to wear your college style black leather shoes.
  • When your class has PE you will need your PE shirt and shorts.
  • Bilingual Dictionary for all classes.
  • If you require a copy of the Stationery Requirements please click on the appropriate Year level below:
  • Year 7
  • Year 8
  • Year 9
  • Year 10
  • If you are sick, or for any other reason cannot come to school, please make sure that your parent/caregiver contacts the school either by phoning Absences on 415 5473 extensions 636 or report it online here or by emailing absences@ajhs.school.nz. When you return to school you will need to have a written note explaining your absence. If you are away for 3 days or more the school will require a doctor’s Certificate.
  • If you feel sick at school, or if you hurt yourself, you need to go to the Health Centre and the school nurse who will look after you and if necessary contact your parents/caregivers.
  • If you have an appointment during the school day and have to leave school, or you miss a day as a result of the appointment, your parent/caregiver will need to let the school know in advance through a written note. They must also sign you in and out through the Student Reception in the main Admin building.
  • If any of your personal details change (address, phone number or caregiver details) your parent/caregiver must let the school know as soon as possible. This can be done by clicking here for a Change of Details Form (also available from Student Reception).  Alternatively please send an email, fax, or letter to the School Office. The School will require to take a copy of a power bill within six weeks of the change of address.
  • If you have any changes to health information please click here or pick up a Health Information form, also available from Student Reception.
  • Albany Junior High School is a rubbish-free site. All plastic, paper, and food rubbish must be taken home each day. Students are advised to bring a plastic bag to school to put this rubbish in. Albany Junior High School has no rubbish bins.

If you are teased or bullied at school, coming to school, or going home from school, you must tell one of these people:

  • Your Whanau Teacher
  • Your Whanau Leader
  • Homeroom Teacher (Year 7&8)
  • Any Classroom Teacher
  • School Counsellor
  • Your ESOL Teacher
  • The International Pastoral Carer
  • The Coordinator of International Students
  • The Senior Management Team

The school does not accept bullying and will do everything it can to prevent you from being bullied.

  • All students must sign a cybersafety agreement before they can use modern technology at the school. E-mail can only be used under supervision. This also applies to using the Internet. A teacher must be present to make sure that you do not hit an unsuitable site. Many internet sites are blocked at school and students cannot access sites they may be able to get at home. The internet may be used for classroom research under a teacher’s supervision.
  • It is against the law to sell tobacco products to people under the age of eighteen in New Zealand. Students are not allowed to smoke at school or when they are representing the school in any way.
  • It is against the law to sell or supply alcoholic products to people under the age of eighteen in New Zealand (except for Legal Guardians and Parents). Students are not allowed to drink at school or when they are representing the school in any way.
  • New and pre-owned school uniforms can be purchased from the school uniform shop located on the Ground Floor of the Administration building at the School. For information on opening days and times and other uniform-related queries please click here.
  • If you have a query regarding school fees please contact Student Accounts on 415 5473 extensions 662 or email our new email address  studentaccounts@ajhs.school.nz
  • If you would like to make payments via internet banking the new School bank account details are 12-3107-0017930-00
  • Please include the student’s name and reason for payment.
  • To view or download a copy of the School Donation please click here.
  • For a list of teacher and staff names and emails click here.
  • Parents and caregivers can view information regarding their children via the school web portal. They must have a User Name and Password which is issued with each Report. If these have been misplaced then a replacement can be requested. Please email office@ajhs.school.nz to request the User Name and Password.
  • For more information regarding Complaint protocols, please click here.