As we conclude Week 7, with one and a half weeks left of term, we have developed great momentum for our term’s work, as we move through to our celebrations to conclude our school year.

Thank you to all our parents for supporting us through our last two Ministry of Education Accord Teacher Only Days, where we achieved important planning for 2023. Thank you also for your support during the Teachers’ Paid Union meeting this afternoon. We realise this can bring disruption to your own work situations, so we apologise for any inconvenience caused to you.

Next week we commence our school events to honour and acknowledge student contribution and achievement for the year. Although these events often do not specifically recognise all our students at these events, we consider that our students have ALL achieved growth, and development of character this year. Character refers to ways of thinking, responding, and feelings that benefit others as well as ourselves. Character is a plural, a more-than-one concept that encompasses strengths of the heart, mind, and motivation. We are very proud of all our AJHS Y7-10 students. Character can be any of the following important elements of your child.

– Being polite and using manners to adults

– Asking questions to understand something before making assumptions

– Listening to, and following instructions

– Working in groups with cooperation and respect

– Self-awareness and self-respect

– Emotional understanding of self and others

– Positive peer relationships

– Self-management

– Empathy and kindness towards others

– Problem solving skills

– Respect for others

– Initiative to act on activities that help others

We look forward to seeing and meeting many of our parents at our various celebrations over the next two weeks. We recognise that life can be so busy meeting the needs of your family, that your own wellbeing can be compromised. Take care during this time whanau.

He tia, he tia, He ranga, he ranga,

Haere mai te toki, Hamui ē, hui e, taiki ē.

Rise and press on, When the challenge arrives,

We will gather and unite together, Strength together it will be done.

Cushla Shepherd, Principal / Tumuaki

Albany Junior High School