PB4L is a Ministry of Education initiative which stands for Positive Behaviour for Learning, and is centred around initiatives to help parents, whānau, and teachers clarify and understand expected behaviour, improve children’s well-being, and increase educational achievement. By strengthening relationships and creating more positive home and school environments, we remove barriers to engagement and improve students’ chances to achieve at school and beyond.

Our Journey

In August 2023, our school community (staff, students and parents / whānau) were asked to respond to a survey asking, “What do you believe is the most important value for students to leave AJHS with?” The top 3 community values were established as:
Integrity (Kia Pono)
Respect (Kia Manaaki)
Courage (Kia Māia)

Using these three values to guide us, staff created a Positive Behaviour Expectation Matrix, which sets our and our families expectations for students.

The next step is to socialise these values and expectations, which has led to the creation of resources to be used during Whānau time. These resources focus on activities to help support our AJHS Values and Behaviour Matrix.

During the next few months our team of student ambassadors will brainstorm and roll out new initiatives also.

For more information on our PB4L journey please contact victoria.booth@ajhs.school.nz