Languages Taught

Spanish, French, Mandarin, Japanese, and Te Reo Māori are taught at all levels at AJHS using the communicative approach to learning, focusing on students having the ability to interact appropriately with other people. To enhance language learning, teachers use a variety of ICT strategies, which are, along with cultural activities, integrated throughout all year levels.

Across the students’ Year 7 and Year 8 learning at AJHS, students will be introduced to all five languages. The students have two 20-week courses each year to introduce them to the basics of the target language and its culture. They will learn how to have basic conversations with others about themselves and the world around them.

In Year 9,  students will choose a minimum of one of these languages to study and in Year 10, students have the option to take Japanese, Te Reo Māori, Spanish, French, and or Mandarin.

These options extend their linguistic and cultural knowledge to make them more effective communicators. Students will develop more explicit knowledge of the language while further increasing their receptive and productive skills. Students will learn to speak, read and write about a range of theme-based topics and make comparisons and contrasts between New Zealand and their chosen language communities.

More importantly, students will be provided with the cognitive tools and critical thinking strategies to problem solve, manage themselves while increasing their understanding of their own language and culture as well as building their confidence.



Assessments take place throughout each semester, across a variety of ongoing tasks and project-based learning opportunities.