PE & Health


Sports Academy

Students must apply and trial the previous year for a much-coveted position in our Sports Academy classes. It is a course designed to help develop athletes’ individual skills, sports performance, fitness, theoretical knowledge, and leadership capabilities. This course offers a wide range of opportunities both in and outside the classroom to help drive and support student achievement.

Sports Science

This is an enriching course for people who are passionate about sport, recreation, and fitness. It gives students the opportunity to understand the importance of living a balanced and healthy lifestyle, as well as empowering each individual to advance their leadership skills.

Health & Physical Education

This is a positive and motivating course that will help to inspire students to develop a lifestyle that includes lifelong learning in a physical capacity. Students work cooperatively, demonstrating appropriate interpersonal skills to achieve goals in social and competitive situations. With excellent facilities, we pride ourselves on the opportunities we are able to offer.


  • Nicola Kaiwai  (HOLA)
  • Nikki Jones (Assistant HOLA)


Assessments take place throughout each semester, across a variety of ongoing tasks and project-based learning opportunities.