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Technology is a subject that incorporates human intervention by design.  There are many different areas in the Technology Curriculum with each including their own individual knowledge and skills. Technology is also  an University approved subject and career pathway which can be followed up here

Things you should know 

As the world develops it is increasingly important for students to understand how technological developments impact on society, the economy, and the environment. Whether or not they plan to engage in a career in a Technology field or not, all students can benefit from knowledge gained in Technology Education.


Technology Education presents students with rich and varied experiences. It teaches a broad technological literacy through interactions with hard & soft materials, food, electronics, graphics, robotics and digital technologies. It provides an opportunity to develop a level of technological understanding that will enable students to participate as an informed participant in an ever-changing and increasingly complex society.  Students learn skills that can promote increased opportunities and effect change in their own lives, the wider community and possibly even nationally or globally.  

Year 7 and 8 students cover five areas of Technology. They spend two terms in each subjectduring Y7 and Y8. These subjects include; Digital Technologies, Food, Product Design in Multi Materials, Robotics, Fabrics and Digital Technology. In Year 9 and 10 students can choose to take any of the Technology courses as ‘Option Subjects’. The pages on this website will give more details about what each area of Technology covers.

You can see specific course information on the relevant subject websites below or you can contact the HOLA  and/ or a specific teacher directly for information on course content:

Digital Technologies Y7 – 8

Digital Technologies Y9 – 10

Creative Digital Technology Y9 – 10

Design and Visual Communication Y9 – 10

Fabric Technology Y7 – 10

Food Technology Y7 – 8

Food Technology Y9 – 10

Please feel free to contact us with any questions:

Alan Stephenson- HOLA (DVC & Multi Materials ).  

Natalie Goslin – AHOLA (Digital Creative Technology)

Alana Geach – (Food Technology) 

Jo Molloy: – (Fabric Technology)

Debra Wood – (Computer Technology) 

Aimee Deutschmann – (Food Technology) 

Tania Betterton – (DVC)

Susanna Gao – (DVC)

Candice Brons – (Food Technology)

Rod Caudwell – (Multi Materials Technology)

Poppy Kirkflexton – (DVC)